Seeing the world through my frozen fingers


It is in the beginning of July, but in the remote mountains of Norway there is snow everywhere.



The mountain sketcher’s biggest problem is the wind, which turns the sketching into a rather cold experience.

fjell 6

This gigantic combination of stone and snow reminds me of the architectural relics of a prehistoric civilization…


…but when I look on the same mountain from below it seems to be more similar to a ghost.

fjell 3

fjell 8

fjell 5

Here it was a forest about fifty years ago…

fjell 2

…but now the remaining twigs and roots look like the bones of a dinosaur, and the mountains are like a cubistic transformation of a skull.


fjell 1

fjell 7

Silence and loneliness


fjell 4

… – only my crazy feet, which have brought me to this place remind me that I am still a homo sapiens.



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